Residential Rental Provider Information

Rental Appraisal

If you are considering leasing your property and have not leased the property previously, a market appraisal is definitely the best place to start. This will ensure both you and your agent are aligned when it comes to the best possible outcome for your property. We will inspect your investment and provide an up to date market appraisal, during this inspection we may also recommend any improvements that should be made to your investment.

Preparing your investment for lease

It is important that the property is presented in a clean, tidy and safe manner.

Please ensure lawns, gardens and external areas are neat and tidy plus internal areas are clean with any maintenance issues attended to. If the property does not present well, this may detract a renter from moving forward with their application once inspected and may delay the leasing of your investment property.


Our agency holds a Premiere contract with, this means that your investment property will be on the first page when a perspective renter searches for properties in the area your investment is located. This will occur for the first 28 days the property is advertised. We will also advertise your investment on our company website and Facebook page.

Tenancy Applications

Once the property has been advertised for lease and our agency has received the renters applications, we will thoroughly process all applications and check all references, we will then discuss the application details with you and work along side you to approve the applicant that best suits your property. Once an application has been approved, we will arrange for the signing of leases in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, Bond and rent payments, plus conduct a detailed ingoing condition report including photos prior to the renter moving in.

During the tenancy

Throughout the tenancy, we will undertake regular inspections of your investment property in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. This will ensure the property is being well cared for and you are updated on any issues that may arise during the tenancy.  You will be provided with a copy of the report including photos and any maintenance concerns noted whilst at the property.

During a tenancy there may be a need for a rental increase or lease renewal, we will always ensure your renter is paying the correct amount of rent based on the current market and promote fixed term leases to your renter.

From time to time your renter may report maintenance that is necessary for your property. We will respond quickly and always contact you regarding any issue that needs attention in order to seek your instruction before any action will be taken.

Our agency will only appoint a fully licensed (where necessary) and insured trades person to attend to repairs at your investment property.

Rental provider portals

Our Residential Rental Providers have access to their own portal where they can view information 24/7 such as:

  • Current financial status of all their properties
  • View photos and details of the property and tenancy
  • Drill into financial activity
  • Download historical statements, bills and documents
  • Keep track of jobs and inspections