Is your home looking a little tired?

Renovating a home adds value – but it comes at a cost. You can throw tens, even hundreds of thousands towards updating your home, but you can also be creative with your home renovation ideas and increase the value of your home. Here are some home renovation ideas that you can achieve with a little creativity and at little cost compared to a full scale renovation.

  • Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations can be costly. Once you factor in the trades – and please do factor in the trades (a dodgy DIY plumbing job can set you back hundreds) – the numbers can really add up. Luckily, there are some small cost-effective renovations you can do yourself!

Tile tips 

You can give a shabby bathroom a facelift with new tiles. If re-tiling isn’t an option, you’d be amazed by the difference a coat of paint can do – even on the tiles themselves! With so many different types of paint available now, the sky really is the limit. Make sure to follow all of the steps for the best result.

Tap change

In many cases, tapware can be updated with minimal impact to the rest of the room, which means you can upgrade the look of your whole room with the installation of new taps. Try an on-trend matte black or a chic stainless steel to make a statement.

Accessorise the home!

If physical changes are outside of your budget, a little goes a long way when it comes to decorating. Hang a new mirror, refresh with lush towels, new soaps and hand creams.

Go green

Introducing plants into the bathroom not only adds a visual refresh, but it will help keep your air cleaner and reduce odours.

  • Kitchen

They call it the heart of the home and it’s one of the key rooms for cost-effective renovations. Like bathrooms, kitchens can be costly to completely overhaul. So be savvy with these small updates.

Cabinet care

Give your kitchen an instant lift by transforming drab, outdated cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to sand back the existing finish before you take to your doors with a brush.

Handle it

You’d be surprised by how much impact you can make by just updating the handles on your cupboard doors. With many options available from intricate designs to modern angular shapes, handles are like jewellery for cabinetry and joinery.

Light it up

Hang pendant lights above feature areas such as island benches in the kitchen. Remember to always use an electrician when installing any kind of lighting.

  • Living rooms

The common areas of the home are important to get right. The living room is where you spend time as a family, chill out and entertain guests. Bring yours to life with simple upgrades.


A fresh coat of paint works wonders not just on tiles and cabinetry, but in its most simple form – on walls! Paint over heavy feature walls in fresh light coloured paint to instantly add the impression of more space, or choose a moody hue to create drama.


New flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. Rip up threadbare carpet and replace with something thick and lucious, sand and polish floorboards or dress with patterned rugs for a quick fix.


While not a renovation specifically, changing up the layout of your furniture can dramatically change the way a room feels. Swap out bulky couches and opt for a sleeker, modular option, and explore furniture with dual purpose to make everything work harder.

  • Bedrooms

It’s the place where you start and finish every day. Bedrooms are our private sanctuaries where we rest. A bedroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to get the most bang for your buck.

Beautiful blinds

Frame your windows with the beauty they deserve. Windows are a natural focus in every room – so make sure you dress them accordingly. Invest in good quality curtains or blinds so your windows are framed in style.

Linen lover

We spend a huge portion of our lives between the sheets, so why not treat yourself to good quality ones! Give your bed a makeover you can enjoy every night. Be sure to add some cushions.

  • Gardens

The outside of your house is the first point of contact for guests, and their first impression of your home – make it a good one with these cheap home renovation ideas!

Street talk

Give your fence some love with fresh paint, prune your bushes and shrubs and rake any stray leaves from footpaths and entryways.


Give instant life to the facade of your house with plants! An easy and affordable addition to your home renovation ideas box, explore native varieties, hedges, florals and fruit trees to find a look that works for your home.

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This post was written by Mandy Peck